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Spencer Ludwig’s first two singles, “Diggy” and “Right Into U” were released on July 22, 2016 via Warner Bros. Records. On the day of release, “Diggy” was featured on the Apple Music “Best of the Week” playlist with over 1 million followers, along with the Spotify Topsify playlists “10 Tracks You Must Hear” and “New This Week”. Look out for Spencer’s full-length album on Warner Bros. Records coming January, 2017!
In January 2015, Robert introduced trumpeter, singer and songwriter Spencer Ludwig to Dan McCarroll, President of Warner Bros. Records. Spencer inked a record deal as a solo artist with the label weeks later, and Robert took Spencer on as Kraftbox’s first management client.
Robert and Spencer’s relationship dates back to Spencer’s childhood, in which the young musician and innovator produced $2 Shows in the backyards of his friends’ homes, (coined by the New York Times as “the junior version of Coachella” with a philanthropic twist.) Robert followed Spencer’s evolution as he progressed into the role of a show-stopping trumpet player in the hit band, Capital Cities, accompanying the group on five US and worldwide tours while also performing alongside dozens of Indie, Pop and EDM artists.  He is now Warner Bros Records’ newest and brightest star.

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