Behind the Audio: Robert Kraft on the Music Business behind Titanic and Life of Pi

The interview was conducted by Peter F. Ebbinghaus. At this year’s Soundtrack_Cologne 14, we got to interview Robert Kraft, former head of music at Fox Music for almost 20 years and now CEO of Kraftbox Entertainment. Throughout his career, he was executive of music for over 300 20th Century Fox productions and co-produced the Disney hit song “Under the Sea”. In our interview, we spoke with him about the differences between his work days during Titanic at the beginning of his career at Fox Music and his obstacles during the production of Life of Pi at the end of his career at Fox. He mentions how Titanic was way over budget the whole time and how Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” wasn’t supposed to be in the movie in the first place. About Life of Pi he mentions how adding a simple shaker to some of cues on the soundtrack, led to the studio head not firing Mychael Danna.

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